Sunday, September 23, 2012

Jonathan's Bar Mitzvah

My nephew Jonathan's Bar Mitzvah was a great event! Here is Jonathan reading the Torah with his mother Debbie and father Ben at his side.
My brother Jeremy and I opened the ceremony by performing two Jewish musical pieces on guitar and clarinet.

Jonathan leading the procession of the Torah- a very moving event!

A Torah cake is featured in the reception.
Oryx and Ethan at the reception

Dancing Nancy!

The celebration is underway!

Miles and Nicole

Jeremy and Jane

Kristin and Ethan


Amy and niece
Stephen and Kate in the middle of it all

Kaos the DJ gets the crowd going
Bar Mitzvah mom lifted by Abe. Stephen, Ben and Oryx
Bar Mitzvah boy Jonathan rises above!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Aunt Iris

My Aunt Iris passed away. She was the last surviving adult in this family photo, taken in Rhode Island in the early 1950's. She is on the bottom far right. You can see her great spirit in her smile. I don't remember much about her in Rhode Island, but I do remember visiting her in Sherman Oaks, California from time to time, in that little apartment on Hazeltine Avenue. She lived there for so many years it should be listed as an historical monument. Her spirit and smile continued to shine over the years, and she was always welcoming and friendly to all who came her way.
There is such a beautiful story of family, of life, of death in that photo. I am grateful to Aunt Iris for being part of that story, and for touching our lives. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Family in Massachusetts, Butterfly Garden at Boston Science Museum

I had a fantastic week visiting my son Oryx, daughter-in-law Kristin and grandchildren Katiya and Ethan in Massachusetts. My sister Debbie joined us for a few days as well. Here is a photo she took of Katiya showing Ethan a story.

Here is Katiya and me at the beautiful Butterfly Garden in the Boston Science Museum.

These 2 photos of the Butterfly Garden were taken by 3 and half year old Katiya. She is quite a photographer!